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Torngat Mountains National Park

Lowering water levels in a post-glacial lake create incredible views from a helicopter. Regressive shorelines visible at left.

Parks Canada hired me as an Archaeological Field Technician in 2017 to help with remote fieldwork in Sirmilik National Park and Torngat Mountains National Park. John Higdon (Parks Canada, Dartmouth) and I flew out of Goose Bay on August 16th, arriving at the TMNP basecamp in Saglek Fjord the same day. Our archaeological work supported the protection and presentation of cultural resources by informing visitor experience strategies for the park before departing back to Halifax on August 26th.

During this brief time in the Torngat Mountains we completed a full survey of the Moravian mission and Inuit village in Ramah Bay, as well as a list of potential campsites along proposed trails within the park. Our work in Ramah Bay was published in the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Archaeology Office Newsletter, providing an overview of our work at the site. Ramah Mission was the main priority of our work in the Torngat Mountains, but every viewscape provided by the satellite campsite survey was incredible.

Below you will find a selection of photos from my work in the Torngat Mountains National Park. If the opportunity ever arises to visit this magical place, ensure you take it.


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